The Conversations on Purpose with Demetria have been so helpful to me!!!  One of the most significant contributions it has made for my moving towards my purpose was for me to see how justice and advocacy have been themes in my life since childhood.  It confirms for me that my ministry should center on human rights and related concerns.  Thanks Demetria!!! 

Sonya B.

From day one I knew that it would be a life changing experience. My walk with Christ continues to reveal that I was created for a purpose and as long as I put the kingdom of God first all other things will surely be added unto me. During this process, I’ve been relieved of some issues from my past, such as pain, guilt, shame, and grief. I’ve also moved a step closer to my ultimate purpose of living my spiritual gifts of helps, volunteerism, and service. 
God has blessed me with a new full-time job working with a faith based organization. My faith during this journey has grown miraculously, because I know that I serve a God that loves me so dearly. There is no mistake too big for God to forgive. I encourage all to get to know him and try him. Step out on faith and allow His will to be done in your life. 

Tonya G.